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Chestnut Honey


SIZE: 250 g



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Chestnut honey has particular characteristics and properties. The color is dark with reddish hues and due to the high fructose content it remains liquid. The taste is bitter and for this reason it is highly appreciated by consumers who consider the sweetness of other types of honey to be a bit cloying. Chestnut honey is very rich of mineral salts, which is why it is widely used by athletes. It is one of the most suitable honeys to accompany many types of cheeses. Of all the Italian unifloral honeys, Chestnut honey is the only one to be produced in all regions, although the important harvests come mainly from the mountainous areas of the Alps and the Apennines. Fragrance: intense, aromatic, pungent, woody, tannin. Taste: bitter, intense, aromatic, tannic, woody, astringent.


Chestnut honey is one of the most used honeys in the kitchen and in combination with mature cheeses (pecorino, caprini, grana padano and castelmagno) and medium-aged cheeses (raschera, taleggio, tome). Also very suitable with ricotta.


Keep in a cool, dry and protected from light place.


Dark amber with shades, reddish



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