Our history has taught us that honey is a perfect product.

Our task is not to work it, but to understand how to preserve its purity. A concept that we have extended to all our products.

Hands, heart, thought. In our products we instil the passion handed down from grandfather Gervasio for his bees; the love of a beautiful and rich land; the ability to dreaminnovate and make of the people of the Langhe and Roero; absolute respect for raw materials.

Hands, in defence of tradition

It is the know-how rooted in Brezzo. Traditions and techniques that are the heritage of our grandfathers and our fathers, of the industrious people of our hills.

Hearts, the taste of the Land

Knowing how and doing with the heart. We create products that excite us, that know how to convey the beauty of the land and the pride of the men who made them.

Thought, the best at the right place

Knowing how and doing it well. Brezzo uses the best storage and processing technologies because each product is able to express its true nature. The taste of Brezzo is simplicity and authenticity guaranteed through processes of selection, verification, security and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques.

How is a food idea Born? From consistency of our values

The choice of raw materials and experimentation, tastings and analysis, sharing with the sales network and our partners: from the farm to the table, during each process, our products are the reflection of what we believe: the taste of the land.

The Idea

The knowledge of the raw material, of the processes, of each production detail. The continuous desire to innovate. The culture of the beautiful and the good. No magic recipe: behind an idea there is time and boundless love for one’s work.


We experiment with the family recipes, we do tastings, prepare small samples. If we like, we subject them to strict qualitative surveys with industry experts.


The excellence of the raw materials requires wise operations. Low temperatures allow to preserve the purity of honey, the tastes and aromas of fruit and vegetables. We do not use preservatives, sweeteners, flavour enhancers or adulteration of any kind.


We work closely with our partners. We involve our suppliers, experts, our network of agents, up to the final consumer. Every food ideas is the result of a shared path that involves the entire supply chain.

Brezzo partners

An excellent food idea needs an excellent “shop window”. Over the years we have created a network of sales points loyal to high quality that know and spread the brand of Brezzo and share its philosophy.

Why to choose Brezzo?



For us, quality is a fundamental and inalienable value, to pursue without compromise.



The products of nature are already perfect. Our task is to enhance them without distorting and adulterating them.


Territoriality and typicality

We live in a magical land, full of excellences. Our roots are well founded and our products reflect the love for the land and for tradition.



The brand is our name, our business card. Our face is behind every product.


Exclusive, but affordable products

We believe that the right purchase is the real convenience.


Flexibility and availability

They characterize our way of doing business: values that constantly orient our activities in order to successfully meet the needs of our suppliers, agents, sales points and customers.


Wide range of references

With our large selection each customer can buy what he need, without having to be tied to large minimum orders.


Sales support

Our work is not limited to selling, but continues over time. Support and customer service are fundamental values for us.

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