Tradition since 1948

Hooney and quality food ideas

Tradition, innovation, craftsmanship.

For more than fifty years we have selected local specialties that authentically express the vibrancy of our territory. From honey to other gastronomic delights, Brezzo is synonymous with nature, taste, and sincerity.

As a family owned and operated business, all our work reflects the values of our heads and hearts.

Roero is our home. A land with rich food traditions which have taught us the importance of craftsmanship, attention to detail and simplicity derived from the careful selection of primary ingredients. We are the stewards of this history, upholding the integrity of past practices in all that we do. Our experience offers to the consumers authentic, genuine and reliable products, made directly in our laboratories or selected by artisans who fully embrace our philosophy.

A wide range of unifloral honeys and quality food ideas are a guarantee of a superior product, which has passed strict quality controls, arriving from the farm to the table in functional and innovative formats, attentive to the needs of consumers, their taste and, above all, to a right price. A fair, good and satisfying shopping: this is the real convenience.