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Italian Yarrow Honey

Periodo di raccolta: June-July

Zona di raccolta: Sicily

Consistenza: Fast crystallization, with medium-large crystals

Colore: Dark amber from liquid, amber from crystallized

Profumo: Intense with aromatic and spicy notes

Sapore: Medium sweet, rich and spicy, slightly spicy

Peso Netto: 250g, 500g

Termine scadenza: 30 months


The name of the plant derives from the belief that Achilles, on the advice of Venus, during the siege of Troy used the leaves of this plant to heal Telephus’ wounds.

Flower (Latin): Achillea Millefolium (Asteraceae)


The spicy and slightly hot note makes it perfect in combination with aged and semi-aged cheeses. Also recommended on grilled meats and roasts