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Italian Sunflower Honey

Periodo di raccolta: June-July

Zona di raccolta: Marche

Consistenza: Fast crystallization in compact mass with fine crystals

Colore: Dark straw yellow when liquid, intense cream with golden tones when crystallized

Profumo: Vegetable, pollen, hay

Sapore: Fresh, hay, candied fruit, dried apricots

Peso Netto: 250g, 500g

Termine scadenza: 30 months


As if to remember its origin under the beating sun of summer, sunflower honey is recognized above all by its beautiful bright yellow color. Sunflower honey does not have a particularly marked aroma and is recognized above all for a scent reminiscent of pollen and wax and for a moderately sweet flavor.

The sunflower pollen is covered with small drops of yellow oil, which is responsible for the brilliant color of honey. While the production of sunflower honey at a national level is important only in the regions of central Italy, abroad it is very widespread, particularly in Eastern European countries.

One of its most marked characteristics is the refreshing sensation it gives to the palate.

Flower (Latin): Helianthus annuus (Compositae)


Excellent as table honey, also widely used in confectionery and the food industry. It goes perfectly with cheeses such as taleggio, raschera and toma.