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Italian Lemon Honey

Periodo di raccolta: April

Zona di raccolta: Sicily

Consistenza: Fine crystallization

Colore: Straw yellow from liquid; from white to very light beige when crystallized

Profumo: Floral, lemon blossom

Sapore: Sweet, with floral scents and pleasantly sour

Peso Netto: 250g, 500g

Termine scadenza: 30 months


The production of Lemon Honey takes place in very circumscribed and limited areas of eastern Sicily where there are lemon crops without oranges or other citrus fruit plantations in the vicinity.

Flower (Latin): Citrus (Rutaceae)


Suitable for sweetening herbal teas and cold drinks, excellent in pastry for the preparation of desserts and in combination with aged cheeses such as Ragusano and Caciocavallo or fresh such as Bra tender or goat ricotta.