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Italian Tangerine Honey

Periodo di raccolta: April

Zona di raccolta: Calabria

Consistenza: Creamy with fine crystals

Colore: Straw yellow when liquid, from light beige to ivory when crystallized

Profumo: Fresh, floral, hawthorn, melon

Sapore: Delicate and floral, with fruity notes reminiscent of exotic fruits

Peso Netto: 250g, 500g

Termine scadenza: 30 months


Tangerine honey is produced in Calabria, mainly in the Sibari plain where, alongside vast expanses of orange groves, it is also possible to find sufficiently extensive clementine crops to allow for a collection of single-flower tangerine honey.

This honey is light in color with shades ranging from very pale yellow to ivory white when solid. It quickly crystallizes, taking on a naturally creamy consistency that is highly appreciated by the palate. The aroma is delicate and fresh, the taste is fruity and floral.

From an analytical point of view it is difficult to differentiate the pollen grain of tangerine from that of orange and other citrus fruits, they are very similar. For this reason, the only possible distinction derives from the production area. Probably the only area where pure tangerine honey can be produced is the Piana di Sibari where the cultivation of clementines is particularly widespread

Flower (Latin): Citrus (Rutaceae)


Excellent in pastry for the preparation of torches and nougat. It goes well with cheeses better if not too seasoned.