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Italian Sulla Honey

Periodo di raccolta: June

Zona di raccolta: Abruzzo, Calabria and Sicily

Consistenza: Crystallized

Colore: From very clear to straw yellow

Profumo: Of straw, of dry grass

Sapore: Delicate, hay, floral

Peso Netto: 500g

Termine scadenza: 30 months


Sulla honey, despite being one of the finest honeys produced in Italy, is strangely still rarely known by the public. Yet the honey of sulla would have all the characteristics to please, like the most famous honeys such as acacia and orange. After all, it has several properties in common with these two honeys: light color, sweet taste, delicate aroma.

It crystallizes spontaneously, forming a creamy mass of fine crystals. For this reason it is particularly suitable for spreading. The flavor is fresh and delicate, with a marked floral accent.

Sulla pollen is almost always present, in variable and sometimes minimal quantities, in all honeys produced in Central and Southern Italy. On the other hand, it is absent in honeys produced outside the national territory. This has led to the use of the presence of this pollen as an indicator of the Italian origin of honey.

Flower (Latin): Hedysarum Coronarium (Leguminosae)


Recommended in combination with cheeses with a not too pronounced taste. Thanks to its delicate note it is an excellent sweetener for tea, coffee and herbal teas because it does not alter the taste. Ideal for the preparation of sweets and nougats.