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Italian Orange Honey

Periodo di raccolta: April

Zona di raccolta: Sicily

Consistenza: Fine crystallization

Colore: Straw yellow from liquid; white to light beige from crystallized.

Profumo: Floral, of orange blossom

Sapore: Sweet, with floral sensations and slightly fruity notes.

Peso Netto: 250g, 500g, 1000g

Termine scadenza: 30 months


In a hypothetical ranking of Italian unifloral honeys, orange honey is second only to acacia honey in terms of notoriety and diffusion. Orange honey is always very light in color, it can be straw yellow when liquid, but in the solid state it must tend to be white.

It is generally finely crystallized with soft crystals that give a pleasant sensation of melting in the mouth. The very delicate flavor and scent unmistakably recall the orange blossom flowers on which the bees have foraged.

The substance responsible for the characteristic orange blossom scent is called Methylanthralinated, the quantity of which is present in the honey according to the area of ??origin.

Due to its unmistakable aroma and scent it is one of the most used honeys in pastry, especially for the preparation of nougat.

Flower (Latin): Citrus (Rutaceae)


It goes well with cheeses from the area of ??origin such as Ragusano, caciocavallo. Excellent in pastry, for breakfast and as a sweetener in cold drinks.