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Italian Forest Honey from Roero

Periodo di raccolta: July-August

Zona di raccolta: Piedmont

Consistenza: No crystallization

Colore: From very dark amber to almost black

Profumo: Of cooked fruit, fig jam, yeast, tomato sauce

Sapore: Not excessively sweet, with tomato sauce, molasses, malt, dates

Peso Netto: 250g, 500g, 1000g

Termine scadenza: 30 months


The main feature of this honey derives from the high content of enzymes and mineral salts. For this reason it is one of the favorite honeys of those who practice sports. It has a reputation as a health product thanks to the countless substances contained, some present in infinitesimal quantities, capable of reacting positively in our body.

Unlike other classic honeys, the forest honeydew is not produced starting from the flowers’s nectar but from the bees’ harvest of sugary secretions present on different plant species of the wild wooded realities. The color is dark, sometimes almost pitch, and is always in a liquid state.

Both the scent and the taste are very characteristic and particular, different from nectar honeys so much that the forest honeydew is very often appreciated even by those who are not a lover of honey.

Flower (Latin): Metcalfa Pruinosa


Recommended with coffee. Thanks to its lower sweetening power, it allows you to enjoy the coffee flavor while reducing the bitter taste. Excellent with aged cheeses and on toasted bread.