Wood box

Organic honey can be tasted even in the mini version. Available in this format are also the wooden box. The wooden box is an original proposal, presented in a pleasing shrink pack, with basic wood. The range includes: Box with 5 Organic Honey, 5 Organic Compotes, 5 Cheese Jams, 5 Spreadable Creams and 5 Sweet and Spicy Sauces.

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    Product image Name Ingredients Weight Expiration
    Box with 5 Sweet and Spicy Sauces Assortment: Oranges, Figs, Pears, Onions and Strawberries Sweet and Spicy Sauces 45g each 18 months
    Box with 5 Jams for cheese (wood) Assortment: mustard figs, red onion, pears and ginger, green tomatoes and figs, pepper jam sause, honey with truffle, cranberries. 40g each 30 months
    Box with 5 Organic Compotes Assortment: apricot, bitter orange, cherry, strawberry, blueberry, blackberry and peaches. 40g each 30 months
    Box with 5 Organic honey Assortment: acacia, orange, chestnut, alpine flowers, wildflowers and linden honey. 35g each 30 months
    Box with 5 spreadable creams Assortment: Gianduja cream, a azelnut "Nocciola Piemonte P.G.I", pistachio cream, nocciolata (hazelnut and honey cream). 38g each 30 months