The Beehive

Pollen - Pollen is a fine powder which is the fertilizing raw material of flowers. Collected by the bees, each pollen grain contains all the necessary elements for life: proteins, vitamins, amino acids, carbohydrates, enzymes, minerals present in different proportions according to the flower from which they come from. The completeness and complexity of its components make pollen a very useful complement for healthy and balanced diet. For its richness in minerals, vitamins and aminoacids pollen is also recommended for sportsmen, as a valid and complete natural alternative to multivitamin and synthetic multimineral. The best time to consume the pollen is at empty stomach. It can be assumed, for example, before breakfast. The normally recommended dose is 10-20 grams per day (a soup spoon) for adults and 5 grams / day for children (a teaspoon). It can be eaten alone, accompanied by a hot beverage or a teaspoon of honey. The minimum duration of each treatment varies from one to three months: as longer it is protracted, as more the dosage can be reduced to a maintenance value (a heaping tablespoon daily).

Propolis - Propolis is derived from substances of resinous and balsamic nature collected on plants by bees and then processed by themselves in order to obtain antiseptic protection for the hive. It’s considered an excellent natural antibiotic. Consumed in the traditional alcoholic solution is also an excellent local anesthetic, good for curing seasonal health problems such as sore throats. The propolis is also widely used for the treatment of abscesses and lesions of dental pulp.

Royal Jelly - This precious food is used by bees to breed the queen and feed it throughout his life. Thanks to royal jelly a larva develops into a queen bee rather than a worker bee. Queen bee has a much longer life (4-5 years) than all the other inhabitants of the hive (maximum 4 months). Royal jelly is an important source of energy and his outstanding tonic and nutrients values make it an important ally for our wellbeing. The daily amount can be about 1 gram for adults and adolescents, and ½ gram for children (the spoon attached to the jar contains about ½ gram). It should be consumed preferably in the morning at empty stomach a little bit before breakfast. The best way to consume it is possibly by putting under the tongue so that it is immediately absorbed by the salivary glands. The treatment should be repeated 2 or 3 times a year for periods of at least 30 days at regular intervals. In order to keep intact its remarkable properties royal jelly has to be be stored in a refrigerator.

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    Product image Name Ingredients Weight Expiration
    Royal Cocktail Honey, Pollen, Propolis E.F. in water-alcohol solution, Royal Jelly. 250g 30 months
    Fresh Royal Jelly - 10g 18 months
    Propolis Analcholic tincture Vegetable glycerol, water, propolis extract, caramel. 30ml 30 months
    Propolis Alcholic tincture (30%) Ethanol, 96% v/v, vegetal glycerol, propolis dry extract. Assay of finished product: 20 mg/g of total flavonoids expressed as galangin. Alcoholic degree 56%. 30ml 30 months
    Flowers Pollen Flowers Pollen 100g, 200g, 500g 30 months