Brezzo gift boxes

Brezzo Gift Boxes are designed to enable consumers to enjoy a selection of some of our best products in the form of a single pack containing various items which have been grouped together on the grounds of evident affinities of taste or use. Hence the gift boxes: Colazione con Gusto (Delicious Breakfast), Energia e Gusto (Energy & Goodness), Momenti di Dolcezza (Sweet Moments). Three gift boxes complete with four items, each one of which may be ideally consumed at a certain time of the day or for a specific function. Colazione con gusto (Delicious Breakfast) is the perfect way to make a delicious yet light start to the day, with the early morning sweetness of Organic Peach jam 210 g, Mio Bio Organic apricot nectar, English Breakfast tea and Italian Orange honey 100 g. For boosting your energy without compromising wellbeing and pleasure, we have put together this Energia e Gusto (Energy & Goodness) gift box. Italian honeydew honey 250 g, Mio Bio Pomegranate nectar, Ceylon Green Tea and Hazelnuts in Acacia honey are the ideal way to get the day off to a brilliant start or whenever you feel the need. To complete the range, the Momenti di dolcezza (Sweet Moments) gift box contains Organic Bitter Orange Marmalade 210 g, a single portion jar of Organic Orange Honey, Maize biscuits and Organic Redbush, Mandarin Orange and Ginger herbal tea provide the ideal solution for a delicious snack or whenever you feel like treating yourself to something sweet.

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    Product image Name Ingredients Weight Expiration
    Sweet moments Assortment: Italian orange honey 35g, Organic bitter oranges compote 210g, Rooibos, tangerine and ginger infusion 30g, "Meliga" pastries 200g. 20 months
    Energy and taste Assortment: Miobio pomegranate 200ml, Green tea from Ceylon 50g, Italian forest honey from Roero 250g, Hazelnuts in acacia honey. 20 months
    Breakfast with Taste Assortment: Organic peaches compote 210g, Miobio apricot 200ml, English breakfast tea 50. 20 months